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Interview with “The Lady In Blue” Killista

Interview with “The Lady In Blue” Killista

January 25, 2017

Often wrestling can be far more dangerous than it's given credit for and the guest on this podcast (while working a match) took a bad injury which has sidelined her for a few weeks. In the meanwhile, as she recovers, Killista joins us on the podcast to discuss her entry into professional wrestling. How she hurt herself (a nasty injury), is she looking to return? And listen to what about the wrestling world she enjoys most .... (very similiar to why Mr. Green loves Smokey and the Bandit 3)

She's a staple of Mid-South wrestling and a lady that was making her name in great matches, including a ladies ladder match!!! Killista tells it all!

Interview with “The Dark Angel” Dominique Fabiano

Interview with “The Dark Angel” Dominique Fabiano

January 13, 2017

A high school graduate at 13?!? That's right, "The Dark Angel" Dominique Fabiano joins the podcast to share her entry into the wrestling world and where she's planning on going. This intelligent, young lady shares with us the path she took into the business --plus is PINK really her color?

A very interesting young lady and you can hear her talk about it all in full ... and for FREE!


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