Interview with “Pretty Badass” Kelly Klein

September 30, 2016

We are joined by the cornerstone of the Ring Of Honor-Women Of Honor's "Pretty Badass" Kelly Klein. Kelly sits down with Mr. Green after taking on a hard-hitting opponent in the ring earlier in the night and talks about her many talents outside the wresting ring, her previous incarnation as Mary Elizabeth Monroe, why she transformed into Kelly Klein, the state of women's wrestling and more! Download and listen!!

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Interview with WOW Champion Jungle Grrrl

September 24, 2016

Guess who's back?!? Erica Porter aka WOW's Jungle Grrrl comes back on the show (original episode available on our Youtube channel) and she's returned as the reigning champion of the Women Of Wrestling promotion. Now we get to have quick talk about her championship victory, some of her matches back in the promotion after a over ten year layoff and she talks about her very first title defense upcoming against Khole Hurtz (aka "The Barbie Badass" Katie Forbes). Download and listen!!

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Interview with former TNA Knockouts, The Blossom Twins

September 16, 2016

Lucy and Kelly, better known to the wrestling world as Hannah and Holly Blossom join the show and let the world know what's been going on in their lives since stepping down from the crazy world of pro-wrestling. The ladies discuss their past, how they got involved in the business, being on the reality show British Bootcamp, and why exactly they left the wrestling world so suddenly.

All of that plus, the twins share their new lives as vloggers and accept a baking challenge for their show.

It's the return of The Blossom Twins!!

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Interview with “The Dutchess” Ayzali

September 10, 2016

The WPN has a great sit-down, in depth interview with the up-and-coming "Dutchess" Ayzali and she discusses her jump into the world of professional wrestling. She also talks about her background in one of the first times in any interview and unveils herself like never before. The Dutchess talks about her dream to acquire her own army, working through injuries, her promo and connection to RISE wrestling and more!

Tune in and check her out!!


Interview with former TNA Knockout Andréa (fka Rosie Lotta Love)

September 8, 2016

The former TNA Knockout Rosie Lotta Love re-emerges on the wrestling scene, slimmer, trimmer and more awesome than ever. She's now the Amazonian powerhouse known as Andréa! She joins Mr. Green on the program to talk about where she's been, what's new and how this drastic and incredible change occurred.


Interview with “The Queen of the Southeast” Stormie Lee

September 1, 2016

Join us on the podcast as Mr. Green talks to the (self-proclaimed) QUEEN OF THE SOUTHEAST!! The ever outspoken Stormie Lee and during the course of this interview you will see why. She's part of Florida's wrestling power couple ( with Francisco Ciatso) and 1/2 of the team of Make-up and Muscles (with Veronica Fairchild). She's gunning for every championship in sight and she lays down her position in the rankings of women's wrestling (even over her own partners) Take a listen!!
IG: stormielee327


Interview with Ashley America

August 27, 2016

NOTE: Since this interview was performed Ashley America has made the official announcement of her retirement from in-ring competition due to suffering multiple concussions. The WPN wishes Ashley the best in her future path. Good luck Ashley!

"The Zen Warrior" Ashley America joins the "Rights and Wrongs of Pro-Wrestling" podcast and shares her path down gimmick road (funny stuff), why she's Ashley America but yet no stars and stripes in her look and what changes are around the corner.


Interview with WOW’s Riot

August 23, 2016

April Littlejohn (formerly known as Riot) joins Mr. Green to, not only cover her wrestling career, but offer some of the behind the scenes stories that took place in WOW (Women of Wrestling) and in the wrestling portion of her life. April gives perhaps the MOST OPEN look to the inner workings of the super popular national women's promotion that's ever been done!
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Interview with “Big Sexy” Natalie Monet

August 17, 2016

She's been known as The Secretary of Defense (for La Rosa Negra's cabinet)and in this interview we've even created new titles such as The Ego-Crusher, and The real Big Sexy.  Nicknames aside this our podcast with the incredible Natalie Monet, a gorgeous young woman that's progressed from the glamorous world of modeling to the gritty world of pro-wrestling and she's on to share her stories! Here you get to listen to her journey, her life as a plus-size model, the transition into wrestling, the struggles with body image issues and her thoughts on the status of some of wrestling current events. Real life stuff! Take a listen!

Send your match suggestions for Natalie to watch @
Twitter: @TheNatalieMonet

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April 23, 2016

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